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Right Of The Dot™ gTLD Mediation, Auction and Contention Services

The stakes have never been higher in the domain marketplace than now.  With the possibility of over a thousand new extensions entering the market over the next 2 years; the first going live in 2013, certainty is paramount.

Right Of The Dot has launched a private auction and mediation service to accelerate the process of settling claims between applicants for the same new gTLD string, in turn reducing the time it takes for new gTLDs to go live.

ROTD has secured an exclusive partnership with Escrow.comfor the escrowing of funds for the deposits and distributions of funds for TLD auctions. With a consistent A+ rating with the BBB, has been voted the Best Domain Escrow Service for the past 5 years; is the only fully licensed online escrow provider in the United States and has processed over $1 Billion dollars in transactions.

Why Right Of The Dot are the right contention and auction choice

Neutral and  Independent
Our partners have spoken with nearly all of the applicants in contention and as an experienced auction consultancy we are best placed to understand the importance and value of the new gTLDs. We are not an applicant ourselves and are in no way aligned or biased toward any applicant or organization.
Pre-Auction Mediation
Wherever possible, our first goal is to mediate an agreement or partnership between parties in an effort to avoid going to auction to save applicants precious time and money. By expediting resolution, applicants applying for multiple extensions  in particular are able to focus attention more quickly on those resolved extensions they have won.
Competitive Pricing
Our auction fees are very competitive and start at 4% depending on the auction type, number of applicants for a particular extension, and the amount of the winning bid. This pricing model leaves no room for ambiguity or confusion.
Experienced Domain Auctioneers
Our personal and professional approach to how we conduct domain auctions is what sets us clearly apart from the crowd. We treat every auction with the integrity and gravity it deserves, which becomes more apparent and necessary when dealing with these substantial sums associated with TLD auctions.
Flexible Auction options
One size does not fit all, which is why we offer 3 auction methods and formats for these new gTLD auctions. Full details about exactly how these auctions work and are conducted will be emailed upon request, or explained verbally. In addition, we can arrange custom auctions if required.
Peace of mind
Right Of The Dot has been issued with a unique licence to specifically handle these new TLD auctions in the USA. In addition, we have also secured exclusive Escrow rights with .

About the Auctions

Right Of The Dot will provide 3 main types of gTLD auction to suit all sizes of contention sets (although custom auctions can be arranged if requested):

Second-price sealed-bid auctions: Bidders submit simultaneous sealed bids to the auction house, the highest bidder wins the rights to the TLD and pays the second-highest bid. That bid is then divided either equally by the number of non-winning participants, or in proportion to the amount of each non-winning bidder’s sealed bid.
Ascending-bid auctions: These auctions are carried out interactively in real time, with bidders present either physically (live auction) or electronically (online auction). The seller gradually raises the price, bidders drop out until the final bidder remains, and the final party wins the TLD at this final price.
Live Oral auctions: Bidders shout out prices or submit them electronically. This form of auction will be appropriate when each of the applicants in a contention set agree on a specific time.

Exclusive™ partnership
Right Of The Dot™ has also secured an exclusive partnership with™  for the escrowing of funds for TLD auctions, deposits and funds distribution. are the industry’s leading escrow company and offer total transparency as well as unquestionable security.  As a result, Right of the Dot are able to offer applicants unique options such as interest bearing accounts, so that money held in escrow can earn interest over the possible 6-18 months or more waiting time, depending on the timing of the TLD´s approval and subsequent delegation.

Special Licence
Right Of The Dot has recently been granted a special ROTD Auction Business License for Contention Resolution Services by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation for the exact purpose of:  New TLD Contention Resolution and Consulting Services including Private Auction Services for competing applicants, Internet Domain Name Auctions, Sales, Brokerage, and Management Services.

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